Cycling Services

Quality accomodations

When you are at our homebase in Lake Garda, you will stay at our Enjoy Garda Hotel or nearby apartments. We are a 4-star hotel, with a modern look and feel and up to date amenities, including a pool, jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, fitness room and a top quality restaurant and bar. We are within walking distance to the train station, Lake Garda and the village of Peschiera del Garda.

Whichever destinations you select for your cycling holiday, your accommodations will be top notch. We seek out hotels that are 4 and 5 star and who have the same philosophy of hospitality that we do. You will stay in quality hotels with all the amenities you could want.

The italian food and wine experience

Part of the Andiamo experience is discovering the local cuisine and wines of the region you are visiting.

We research and seek out local restaurants who offer the regional fare in beautiful settings and with the utmost hospitality.

You will get the authentic Italian flavor of the locations you visit, and it will be delicious!

What’s included in all of our trips

  • A guided tour each day of your trip
  • Custom program that we plan in terms of distance, hill elevation, and departure and return time.
  • Van Support to provide immediate assistance.
  • Daily laundry service for your bike clothing.
  • Custom Sportful x Andiamo Cycling cycling kit.
  • Water bottles.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks for the ride.

Transfers and van support

We can provide all transfer services from/to the airport and between your destinations along with your bicycles and luggage.

Our transfer vans are clean and comfortable (usually Mercedes Benz) and we use local drivers who know how to navigate our roads.

On our gran fondo trips, we include van support for all rides. If you are coming on a private or custom group tour, we also suggest that you reserve a support van for your riding days.

The support van will always be close by, carrying extra food, water, and bike repair tools in case of a mechanical incident. On big climbs the van is available to bring warm clothes for cold descents, and of course, the van is there if you find you want to stop riding for a while.

Other activities post biking

We often arrange other activities after biking to show you authentic Italy. Wine tasting is especially popular, as are other gourmet experiences.

And based on your destination we will also take you to important cultural sites. But knowing that relaxation is important as well, we may arrange a few hours at the spa or thermal baths, or perhaps a swim or a massage at your hotel.

We try to balance your free time immersing in Italian culture and just relaxing while in Italy.

Additionally, if you are traveling with a non-cyclist(s), we assure you that they will enjoy the destinations you select.

You’ll stay in small villages where activities like walking, hiking, shopping, and spas are available to keep the non – cyclists having fun.

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