Ride Levels & Groups

We focus on SMALL GROUP riding with all Andiamo TOURS.

Each guide is responsible for about 5-6 people, and we may have two or three guides, so that we can accommodate different fitness levels and average speed of the group.

We provide all our riders with a questionnaire about their riding ability and style, so that we can plan each tour based on the levels of riders in the group.

When you complete this questionnaire, we encourage you to know your ability and think about how you ride at home, so that you can be comfortable and happy riding with our small groups.

You will always be in good hands with our guides. We do our best to make your rides both fun and challenging… but not overwhelming. 

Our pre-planned rides do focus on group cycling, and our goal is to keep each group together from start to finish and in the safest manner. 

If group riding is not something you are accustomed to, or for a more leisurely oriented bike holiday that does not require you to stay at the group’s pace you may be interested in our private Andiamo custom tours.

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